I visited Portugal in the early fall of 2018 with a good friend, and for a two days in Porto we were shrouded in a hazy daze - induced by port, and the dated beauty of this city.


As does how most of my posts begin - food!


Holding off on the port - we started our time in Porto with some sangria. Come to think of it, sangria was nearly as ubiquitous as port here…

My experience and understanding of Porto is that its divided into two parts by the Duoro river cutting across the center of the city. On one side of the river are where the majority of port caves are situated - and, naturally, where we spent most of our time. Seen below from the side of the port caves is the more residential side of the city. The boats were traditionally used to transport barrels of port.


Wasting no time, we got started at Kopke - touted as the ‘oldest port house.’


The port houses by the river are typically larger. Regardless, most will offer either a guided tour of their port caves, but all the houses will have flights of port to be sampled. Seen below, we ordered two different flights to sample at Kopke…and pretty much just ended up getting 10 glasses of wine/port. And chocolates to pair with each glass.


Continue, as one does, to walk along the river, and, of course, sample more port.