Futago Yakiniku is best known for their wagyu beef, and uni. Needless to say, I was excited for this place. Their signature dish is Japanese Black Wagyu (Hamideru Kalbi), usually reserved in advance over the phone.  

Served over dry ice, to give the meat...a mysterious aura? Excellent taste though. 

An untraditional pairing of sake with meat, meat, meat and some uni. We start off the night with wagyu and uni sushi. 

And some sake...served in a glass inside masu, traditionally a wooden box. The practice of pouring sake until it overflows from the glass into the box is known as kikisake-shi, begun as a form of service during the post-war era in Japan to make customers feel special, in the sense that they've received extra. No easy way to drink out of a square box, however!

Some more uni dishes, because one isn't ever enough. On the left: uni on mint leaf and seaweed, topped with shredded raw onion and served with grilled wagyu. On the right: raw wagyu tartare topped with uni and sesame, again served on a single leaf of mint. 

Grilled beef tongue, meant to be cooked and wrapped around a salad of seaweed and greens, tossed with miso sauce. 

The special platter, with a selection of meats ranging from wagyu to beef tongue to kalbi. 

A carbohydrate speciality, garlic rice, served in a stone pot with a side of actual grilled garlic in sweet soy sauce.

Finally, we end the night with dessert, which seem to mostly consist of shaved ice the consistency of snow. Topped with matcha powder on the top, condensed milk on the bottom. 

All in all, a very good (read: tasty, food-coma inducing) experience. Side note: they'll give you a card as you leave that has space for ten stamps. Each visit will get you a stamp, and ten visits earn you a golden thong with your name engraved hanging from a cabinet in the restaurant, only for your use. One of the more interesting ways to induce repeat visits.